Before the great witch hunt throughout Europe from the 14th to 16th centuries, which almost wiped out our vast and ancient plant lore, Mugwort was widely used for a variety of purposes.  It was also known as Motherwort, the mother of all herbs and as the ‘first herb’ due to it’s highly effective and beneficial medicinal and magical properties. Mugwort was revered not only for it’s power of cleansing and scrying but ironically for it’s strength in protection against black magic. People would hang a bunch of Mugwort at their door to prevent harmful spirits entering and summon the spirit of the Mugwort to help in the clearing of any negative energies, either in the home or attached to someone. But the reality of the Mugwort world is much wider and has deeper effects on our life than is commonly reported in herb and magic books. 

The spirit of Artemesia Vulgaris is a powerful white witch, a goddess, a Boddhisattva, whatever we wish to label her, she is a powerful being able to re-align the etheric threads of the elements and of matter for the greater good. She is one of the main plants coming forward at this time in history again to help combat the prevalent malevolent forces in the world. We only have to tune in to the mainstream media to understand the importance of Mugwort’s work in our world and how imperative it is for her white magic to come forth once again.

The fundamental work of Mugwort is of re-alignment. She brings balance into situations and into our psyche, which can be a brutal awakening sometimes, but one which you will understand is needed in your life. She makes us more present and cuts through our delusions, hence her reputation as a dreaming herb, making us more present in the dream. But being conscious in the dream is a reflection of how conscious we are in our waking state and so she works on all levels of consciousness. (More on Mugwort for lucid dreaming in my next blog). 

By working with Mugwort we can help bring humanity back into alignment with it’s true nature, we can remember how to really live from the heart and rediscover guardianship of our sacred planet. By drinking Mugwort tea, taking Mugwort essence or smoking it we are not only helping to bring balance into areas of our life but into the collective also. Everything is interconnected in profound ways, so any healing we do for ourselves we do for Gaia. 

As my teacher, Pam Montgomery told me, ‘’if you work with only one plant, make it Mugwort.’’



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    Emma Farrell

    Emma is the Co-Founder of the Plant Consciousness and Shamanic Lands events, workshops and retreats. She is a Dharma practitioner and a botanical and plant spirit therapist.