Spirit of Mugwort painting by Jackie Lewis
We have just finished our series of events, workshops and retreats for the first half of the year and sacred Mugwort has been either present or centre stage for them all! Her presence at our events brings a calmness and centredness to the energies in the room, allowing the teachings and practical sessions to flow as they are meant to. One quality of Mugwort is that she keeps energy moving, hence her practical applications in childbirth and women’s menstrual cycles. 

It is always enjoyable and insightful to meet others at our events who are also working with Mugwort, to share and swap stories of our witch queen ally! A common theme has been the magical ways in which people have found Mugwort growing near where they live, often in places significant or surprising. Once we make the connection to Mugwort and the intention to work with her, as we do in our Magic of Mugwort workshops, then most people go on to discover her growing wild, even in London! 
Another common theme we have found is amongst people using our Mugwort Blue Moon dreaming essence. For those who already lucid dream or work with their dreams this essence is too high vibration and these people do not need to work with it, in fact, they find it difficult to sleep. This essence has intentionally been created with additional dreaming stones to create a high vibrational situation so people who are wanting to lucid dream can have their first one. For those training to dream lucidly, having your first lucid dream is a major hurdle, our vibrational state (the amount of natural qi / prana in our energetic system) can be a major factor in achieving lucidity. The Blue Moon essence assists this, with your intention also of course. So if you are already well connected to your dreams and you want to sleep, don’t use this essence!

Overall we have observed the general effect on people’s lives that Mugwort has. By being able to communicate and receive healing gifts from a plant spirit our lives are opened back up to the magic we were told was not true as children. Synchronicities abound and inspirational insights offer a sense of wonder and the reassurance that we can never be truly alone in this world. The realm of nature spirits is just as alive as our own conventional reality and we can be a part of that magic once again. 



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    Emma Farrell

    Emma is the Co-Founder of the Plant Consciousness and Shamanic Lands events, workshops and retreats. She is a Dharma practitioner and a botanical and plant spirit therapist.